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We do CNC Machining, Custom Machining, Precision Machining in Greater Hamilton Ontario  

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Machine Shop Hamilton Ontario: When you need to CNC machining, precision machining, nobody does it better than Deltex Machine Shop in Hamilton Ontario area! Our specialized equipment, up to date software and decades of experience allow us to be one of the best custom machine shop in Hamilton Ontario and surrounding area. We are large diameter specialists.


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About Deltex Machine Shop

Deltex Machine Shop Inc is proud to be such a strong and stable part of the Ontario industrial community that we have customers that have been consistently with us for about 25 years. It is an honour to us that several of our employees are also celebrating more than a decade of service. Our president and owner, Rob Williams, is also a machinist and enjoys working “on the floor”. This attitude absolutely effects our quality and sense of customer care. Click here to learn more about Deltex Machine Shop